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To understand The Helpers, we have to look back in time to about 1972, when David and Tony first met at the young age of 13. Both boys were rather precocious, with David being obsessed with The Beatles and Allman Brothers, learning all the licks note for note, and Tony, being a natural frontman with a big amp, attitude and a healthy obsession with Neil Young and The Beatles. They formed a band with 2 other friends, playing at local parties and high schools.

Tony's next door neighbor was Bob, who was a friend of Tony's older brother. Bob also was obsessed with the Beatles and Allman Brothers, and was an excellent bassman at the time. Isolated at first, and then more often, the boys got together to jam and jam all night. Steve joined up a few years later, meeting Tony at the University of South Florida when Tom Petty was king. Steve played in a popular cover band called The Tools at local hangouts like Mark Twains and Buffalo Roadhouse. Still, something was missing, and Jamie filled the gap when he met David in the Z93 Fat Mattress Band with the help of Chase and Woodside. Bob was recruited into the Fat Mattress Band, and it soon became clear that the Helpers was the band that "clicked" like no other. Bob had played in the Incredible Throbs, and Tony had played with Arms Akimbo, producing a video that showed on MTV, and an album .

The Helpers played each Xmas eve at the old Excelsior Mill (and now, The Masquerade) raising over $100,000 for various charities . The sound system was great and the light show was an extra boost. The crowd was big and the music loud, and the band was great.


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